Recently video surfaced of two black men being arrested and removed from a Starbucks for simply sitting and waiting on a friend. Today on Drudge Report I saw that Starbucks refused to let a black man use the restroom before making a purchase, but let a white man. When he brought this up the manager handled it very unprofessionally. At the end of his video you could see police had shown up to have him removed.

I haven’t been to a Starbucks in years. The last time I went the coffee tasted like shit. How a trendy tattooed little hipster can fuck up an Americano is beyond me, but she did. Besides, NOLA has me spoiled when it comes to coffee. I enjoy making my own Cafe Au Lait at home with Cafe Du Monde coffee and chicory. If I’m meeting up with someone it’s always at a local coffee shop, but if it’s just me I’ll hit up McDonalds for a latte, which taste better than Starbucks and you can use the restroom before you purchase one, even sit down and wait for a friend to join you without being arrested.

I think rapper T.I. said it best when asked about Starbucks. As for me, if my homies can’t take a piss before purchasing a latte, or sit down and wait for me, then Fuck Starbucks.