Pot, Pizza, and Beer


Corrupt file from an old iPhone 5, Times Square, New York City 2012

In 2012 I spent a few weeks in Flatbush, Brooklyn. At the time I had little over a hundred dollars to my name, and a small balance left on a food stamp card. Two months earlier I had sold my Jeep Grand Cherokee for a grand, bought an iPhone 5, and enrolled myself in truck driving school. My driving instructor/partner was a black islander who was addicted to loud shitty music, cocaine, and hookers.

One night while he was balls deep in a lot lizard at the Iowa 88, he accidentally butt dialed his wife in Flatbush. What came next was highly illegal and dangerous as fuck. We used other students log in codes to drive non stop to drop a load in Ogden, Utah then hauled ass to Brooklyn, New York. I spent the next few weeks living in the truck, showering at his house, and roaming the streets.

This image is the only one I have left from that trip.