Fuck Mark Zuckerberg

I hate social media. The fake world in which most of society lives. If you don’t post it, did it really happen? If your picture of shitty mexican food doesn’t get at least 50 “LIKES” why even go out? How many of these online “friends” give a fuck about you in the real world? How many of them have you actually talked to this week?

That’s why I say fuck social media and fuck Mark Zuckerberg. I’d rather have my own website, as flawed and unvisited as it may be, than hand over my personal information and dick pics to Facebook executives to use as fap bait.

Truth is my life isn’t all that fascinating. I’m not banging super models, or jet setting all over the world. I don’t post filtered pics of poodles in diamond collars or bikini clad whores eating pizza with me in Vegas suites. Most of the time I’m at home, playing Nintendo or walking my dog Ringo at the park. Just normal boring day to day shit. I started bradenpurcell.com as an alternative to social media. Thanks for checking it out.