Breakfast = DEATH


Cancer causing Round Up found in numerous breakfast items including Cheerios and Lucky Charms.  If you needed another reason to start skipping breakfast and breaking your fast after 16-20 hours of consuming your last meal, this should help. Intermittent Fasting has been scientifically proven to kill cancer cells, produce HGH, heal and repair cells in the body, and extend life. Do your homework on Monsanto, Round Up, GMO’s and change the way you eat.

McDonald’s to pay $15/Hour?


Say good-bye to the 2 for $5 Big Mac deal at McDonald’s. If lazy entitled socialist get their way the beloved Big Mac will soon cost upwards of $10, each. Bernie Sanders and the “Fight for $15” movement has once again set it’s eyes on fast food. My question is, if a kid making fries is being paid $15/hour, will everyone else’s pay go up? The paralegal, licensed wastewater operator, men and women with degrees paying off student loans. Or is it just untrained, uneducated employees working the system that are entitled to a $15/hour starting pay?